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(b). The spiritual help: This is the mother of all solutions to problems in life. Here I just tell students to ‘Stop thinking’ altogether. The very fact that the mind is the one which gives pain in your life, that makes you restless, gives anxiety in your life, makes you very happy at one time and extremely sad at some other time.

We are taught a lot of things in our school, college, work place and home. But we have never been told about the mind. What it is and how we can use it to our advantage, and when it becomes a evil. I will try to explain as clearly as I can. (Many have tried to explain this same thing and died painful deaths trying to help compulsive thinkers)

The brain has connections to the rest of the body through the spinal chord. Every part of your body is connected to your brain. So you cannot afford to mess around with your brain, can you?? If the wrong signals are sent, you do not know where those signals will eventually land up, and what they might convey to that part of your body. But what does the brain produce?? Nothing but ‘Thoughts’. Just like the bone marrows produces Red Blood Cells. Its just keeps producing thoughts. Thats its job. But now just wait a moment and analyze the difference between the bone marrow and your brain. Both were given to you as part of a self-driven programmed mechanism called ’save this guy… help him live’. The machinery of both was programmed in the DNA of every cell in your body. So thats what they keep doing.

But haven’t you ever noticed that you definitely have some ‘CONTROL’ over your thoughts. But you do not seem to have any control whatsoever on your bone marrow. That control is the ‘YOU’. You are not your hands, legs, brain, body. The ‘YOU’ is that control ’sometimes’ exercised. This control sometimes even appears in the form of ‘ATTENTION’ while reading a book, watching television, listening to someone speak. It can even be the ‘CONCENTRATION’ thats needed often while studying. You are simply this attention, this control, this knowing, this observer. Once you have got this, then only you will understand the next para.

Now that you have got your ‘ATTENTION’, whenever you have a thought like ‘I do not feel like’, or “I feel sleepy’, or ‘I am a loser’, or ‘I cannot…’, then just start to observe your thoughts. Simply observe without any prejudice or judgment. JUST WATCH your thoughts… if you do this the right way, your thoughts will not survive your attention. They will die/vanish.


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