01 Sep

Things to keep in mind one day before the examination:

  1. Sleep Well: You need at least 6-8 hours of sleep before the examination to keep yourself fresh while solving questions.
  2. Eat Light: Eat a light meal so that you do not feel drowsy or lethargic during the paper. But don’t go empty stomach either.
  3. Revise Wise: Revise only those topics that you have studied earlier. Do not start reading any new topics just before the examination, since this will be a waste of time and you may lose the information you have already grasped.
  4. Reach Early: You should reach the test center at least half an hour before the exam and if you haven’t seen the center before, then you must go and visit the center on the day before the exam.
    If your examination center is in another city-

    • Reach the city positively on the day before the exam.
    • Ensure the place of your stay there is calm, clean and conducive to study.
    • In actuality it does not make any difference whether the center is in your city or in some other city. So get the fear of an unknown city out of your mind.
  5. Right Stuff: Keep a wristwatch, your permission letter, a pen, two pencils (sharpened at both ends), an eraser, a sharpener and other relevant stationary systematically with you.

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