19 Jul

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According to the new system outlined by the Central Counselling Board (CCB) of AIEEE, students allotted a seat in any round till the first three rounds of counselling will have to take provisional admission. This change practically extinguishes the option that the students so far had, that of moving to a better institute and a branch of their choice even after reporting for admission.

Under the new rules, there is room only for ‘internal sliding’ (movement of position within the institute) that can be availed of, with the option of movement across NITs over. In short, it will leave students trapped in NITs not necessarily of their choice: an irony in an age where there is so much of premium on choice. With results of third round of counselling to come on Sunday, students from all over the country have launched online protests (protestagainstccb.webs.com and entrancecorner.com) demanding a change in the rules so that deserving students get NITs of their choice.

Students have even found a major inconsistency in CCB’s argument that “sliding” will be possible within the institution. “If a student cannot change his institution how will a seat be vacated to upgrade any other student’s branch,” asks one student.

The third flaw being pointed out is that after the fourth round of counselling, not so popular branches in top NITs will still be vacant and these will go to low-ranked students.

Upgradation in the same NIT, students say, can also create a situation of a low-ranker getting a better branch. How? Students explain it through an illustration. Suppose a student with an AIR of 6,500 gets computer engineering in NIT Durgapur and another student with AIR 6,000 gets computer engineering in NIT Allahabad. In case the second student chooses to join any other engineering college like IIT, BITS and others, the vacancy in Allahabad will go to a student within the institute, whatever be his rank, and not to someone with a better rank.

Students feel the flaw can still be rectified. They say there will be a large number of dropout seats after the fourth round of counselling since many students who have got through to other engineering colleges will wait till that round. But the vacancies thus created will not help students who have already taken admission in NITs after the third or fourth round. Therefore, students have demanded open upgradation — from one institute to another. They also want CCB to allow one round of counselling after refunds have been made to those who did not take admission.


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