26 May

Take a pinch of academic load. Add a dash of surprise tests and quizzes to it. Add late night coffees and inter-hostel rivalry and mix it thoroughly. For flavor, introduce multitudes of workshops by experts, visits by scientists and award winning professors/artistes/authors. Add an internship at a world class lab/university in India or abroad as seasoning. Add liberally a number of national level contests and festivals. This is when you begin to get a taste of life in IIT. Moreover, students hail from all over India, coming from different backgrounds and value systems. Interacting and engaging in learning pursuits in such a diverse group is an experience in itself.

Hostel fun
IITians carry not only their education with them, but also a huge network comprising talented individuals spread across the globe – an invaluable asset.

IIT is not just about academic learning. Other major highlights of the year are the cultural, science and technology and sports festivals, attracting colleges from all over India. Be it making treks to picturesque mountains or aeromodelling or playing football or making a movie – you can do all of it while studying in IIT. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It’s no wonder that IITians look back to their years in IIT as among the best years of their lives. Students pass out with fond memories of their vibrant IIT life, that they treasure throughout their lives. Most alumni go on to say that they never came across such a charged atmosphere with brightest minds.

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