10 Dec

  • Candidates will be given a two-page optical response sheet (ORS). The two pages of the ORS will have the same lay-out.
  • The first page of the ORS is machine readable. It is designed so as to leave impressions of the responses on the second page.
  • Candidates should not separate or disturb the alignment of the two pages of the ORS at any stage and under any circumstance.
  • The answers to all the questions should be marked on the first page of the ORS by darkening the appropriate bubble or bubbles (as per the instructions to be given in the question paper).
  • Candidates should use BLACK BALL POINT pen for darkening the bubbles.
  • Candidates should apply adequate pressure to ensure that a proper impression is made on the second page of the ORS. Other instructions for darkening the bubbles will be printed on the question paper and candidates must strictly adhere to these instructions.
  • The second page of the ORS will be handed over to the candidates by the invigilator at the end of the examination.

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