20 Jun

Indian Institute of Technoloy, Patna (IIT-P), is all set to welcome its third batch of students. A new building is ready on the premises of the New Government Polytechnic, Pataliputra Colony, from where the institute is currently functioning.

The IIT-P has also hired the building of Software Technology Park of India (STPI), Patna, adjacent to the institute, where it will soon have labs, classrooms to teach electrical, electronics, computer science and faculty chambers.

The STPI, Patna, it may be mentioned, is Bihar’s first software technology park which was inaugurated in 2008. It boasts of state-of-the-art facilities for reliable, high-speed data connectivity through statellite earth station and radio communication.

“My visison is to make the present campus look like a mini IIT till its permanent campus is ready at Bihta. That is why we have hired the STPI to accomodate more students and facilities,” said the IIT-P director, Prof Anil K Bhowmick.
A new hostel with larger capacity is under construction adjacent to the existing hostels which would be ready next month. The hostels are provided with WIFI facility. The institute has also rented several flats to accomodate girl students, Bhowmick said.

IIT-P at present is imparting three trades __ electrical, mechanical and computer sciences, along with physics, chemistry and maths. In humanities it has English, economics, linguistics and sociology. With 47 faculties, who hail from various states of the country, the institute is managing its affairs very smoothly.

“IIT-Patna is part of history in the making. We, the faculty, students and staff are creating a new institute, an institute, which in due course of time will make an indelible mark in education and research. Although we are young, we have a great vision, agility, commitment and energy to create an innovative education and research environment,” the director said.

With a highly equipped digital library, the students here get everything required to excel academically also.

“In a very short time, just two years, we have made significant strides. We now have 240 students. The first year had its highs and lows but was an exciting period that will be etched in the minds of the pioneer batch,” Bhowmick added.

From 2009, the IIT-P has also started PHD programmes in engineering, humanities and general science. In 2010, the institute admitted no less than 11 PhD students. IIT-P also celebrated all the student activities, and held an annual cultural fest-ANWESHA-10.

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