DTS (Direct to School) – JEE (Main) & JEE (Advanced) coaching synchronized with School Curriculum

IITJEE coaching synchronized with School Curriculum

Need for Schools

  • Board syllabus not adequate for competitions
  • Shortage of good, trained teachers for competitions
  • No access to good quality content for competitions
  • Success is measured on the results of its students in competitions –DPS RK Puram
  • External coaching often impacts results in school negatively lResidential schools and smaller towns lose students after Class X l
  • Schools want to offer coaching to students on premises

Need for Students/Parents

External coaching causes the following difficulties:

  • Lack of synchronization between Class 11/12 and IITJEE coaching
  • Reduced focus on School performance
  • Lot of time lost in traveling
  • Expensive due to cost of center (real estate, equipment & management)

Non metros don’t have access to good coaching.

Local coaching & individual teachers do not have

  • Regularly updated course material
  • Tests to compare against other students

Studying away from hometown, at destinations like Kota, is also extremely expensive due hostel/food


  • Schools’ perception of quality goes up
  • Schools will be able to retain students
  • Best in breed experts for teaching
  • High quality, regularly updated course material
  • Online testing for comparison with other aspirants
  • Flexibility to choose course in whole or parts
  • Saving of student’s time, lost in traveling to external Coaching
  • Greater affordability for students & parents

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