16 Nov

Date of start of course:

1st Year 20_ _2nd Year 20_ _ (if Applicable)
MaySummer holidays
JunSummer holidays
DecWinter Break / Full length tests
JanFull length tests / revision
FebPreparation for XI/XII
MarExams for XI / XII

Note down important dates: School Exams, Board Exams,  IIT JEE ((2nd Sunday of April), AIEEE (4th Sunday of April) & other competitive exams like BIT-SAT and State level entrances

Year Planner

In an year, students have about 75 days of holidays (including summer vacations, winter vacations and other holidays). This excludes the preparatory leave given before the annual exams.

On average, a student has to spend about 7-8 hours in school including travel time(35 weeks).

6 day school – 35 Sundays off and 210 days in school

5 day school – 70 days (Sat/ Sun) off and 175 days in school.

Students spend 175 to 210 days in school. this leaves 110 to 145 full days available for self study.

Mostly, ‘5 day’ schools spend an hour extra everyday as compared to ‘6 day’ schools, eventually balancing it out.

As you can see, there is enough time available at home to study for IIT JEE.

However, students tend to take the 1st 4 months, after Class X, very easy. They lose out on the time available in Summer vacation of Class XI.

The schools also take it easy. They start picking up momentum after 15 July, which is too late. By this time, the half yearly exams are just around the corner. The results are bad and the panic sets in. This is the time where most students lose confidence.

If a student is serious about cracking IITJEE, it is important that he prepares an annual plan right in the beginning of Class XI in April. This will give him a headstart over everyone else.

Almost 50% of the available free time is lost if we dont utilize the summer vacations for coverage of course.

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