31 Aug

I am currently in class 12th. I have studied class 11 PCM CBSE level pretty well. So if I give around 3 hours a day now, can I crack the mains with a good rank?

You are not late.It’s never too late.You can crack JEE Mains with not a good but  an awesome rank believe me..Also your ultimate aim should be JEE Advanced not Mains.Just don’t deviate from your path and don’t slow down.

You should be better than what were you yesterday.

For a good  rank in JEE Mains you require
1 A good percentage in Boards.
2 High marks in 3 hours objective JEE Mains.

How to Get Good Percentage in Boards
You have to in right pace with your school or tuition and understand the concepts by heart.Take your exams seriously and give your best.You have to score high percentage in Boards and by high i don’t mean  just above 90 % is good .It should be above 95% for a good rank in Mains.Thousands of students score above 95% in this country and thousand is not a small number.you may know that your percentile is calculated on the basis of your percentage.There is a very steep increase in percentile on 95%. Two students having percentage 94.8 and 95 can have thousand rank apart.Now do you realize value of a single mark in board exams?Students have blamed this new system of inclusion of board marks.They didn’t take Boards seriously.If you score awesome percentage in Boards ,you maintain your chances for an awesome rank in JEE Mains.
But you know what ? It is not difficult to score good in Boards 🙂 You can and you must.You should have a right plan for you.And only you can make this plan for you.

How to get HIGH Marks in JEE Main Paper

If you don’t go for JEE coaching
Start practicing questions which are above cbse level.You should start taking jee coaching.Its never too late.As you would be giving your school exams,find out dates of entrance exams of various coaching centres,check their syllabus and prepare hard for the exam.Take it as a challenge.
The competitive environment in coaching centres help a lot.

If you are already going for JEE coaching
Dude if you are lagging behind ,then better start to cover it as much as possible before your school exams.Then after the exams and before april or whenever you class 12 syllabus starts,you have to complete all chapters.

Be in contact with your seniors.Don’t hesitate and talk to them when you are stressed or need any guidance. They will always be ready to help you because they know everybody needs help in such important phase of life.

The JEE journey is like a game.You have to be brave and fight like a soldier till the end,never giving up at any situation.
All the best!

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