JEE Main 2013 was conducted on 7th April 2013 in offline mode in 77 cities within India and in 4 cities abroad. The exam was conducted from 9.00 – 12.00 hrs.

There were 4 versions for JEE MAIN 2013 – P, Q, R and S. The order of subjects in each version was different; likewise the options for each question were shuffled too in different versions; Physics part had two Assertion-Reasoning type questions, Mathematics part had 3 Assertion-Reasoning type questions but Chemistry part had NO assertion-Reasoning type questions. But the total marks and the number of questions in ALL versions were the same.


VersionOrder of Subjects
PPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics
QChemistry, Mathematics, Physics
RMathematics, Physics, Chemistry
SPhysics, Mathematics, Chemistry