03 Jul

The online counselling for admission into IITs, introduced for the first time, has not quite lived up to the expectations.

Many students, who figure between 5,000 and 6,000 on the All India Rank (AIR) of the common merit list, have failed to make it to any engineering or science courses in any of the IITs.

A student pointed out that he was unaware about the cut-off ranks even though the online process does have the option.

He said, “We are also clueless why we did not get a particular course or the possibility of getting it after the second round of counselling.”

Of the 13,000 successful candidates, 9,000 got the AIR and were placed in the common merit list.

IIT insiders say online counselling should also show the status of all the seats up for grabs along with their AIRs so that a student can assess his chances, including whether the aspirant can qualify in the second round of admission that begins later this month.

There are other major lacunae in the online counselling process. One of them is lack of confidentiality. Anyone can virtually tamper with a student’s choice of the course. The tamepering process is very simple: The roll number of a student and the first four alphabets of his name are all that is required to dash a student’s hopes. Surprisingly, no password is required to apply online.

To make matters worse, the IITs have made it clear that an option for a course once selected cannot be changed. Hence, if malpractices (tampering) are resorted to, then a student’s future could be shattered for no fault of his.

On the other hand, aspirants are satisfied with the counselling system of the All India Engineering Entrance Examination, which is conducted by CBSE. The website prominently shows the seats filled, along with the corresponding rank and the courses.

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