06 Jun

coaching or self study

Board Exams are over, results on the out, Your stream is with you. Now is this the time to Chill??

NO. It’s not the time to chill out. This time is crucial and must be utilized in deciding your future.

You should discuss with your parents, teachers and friends (and most importantly with yourself!) to figure out what you want to be in life and make appropriate decisions.

If you aspire to be an engineer, this article is meant for you because it is likely that you will be preparing for competitive exams, such as JEE Advanced, JEE Main, BITSAT.

The competitive examinations at the +2 level have a huge syllabus and there are a large number of aspirants after those few seats in the prestigious colleges of the nation. So, it’s important to plan things well on how to cover the sea of syllabus.

Coaching institutes play a key role in helping you plan your time. Moreover, they also provide ample study material which will help you to get used to the type of problems asked in the competitive exams.

At this stage, it is important to decide whether to join a coaching institute or do self-study only.

Some of you might be living in small towns, which do not have good coaching facility. You might feel that you are at a big disadvantage. Well, this article will demystify some of the misconceptions about coaching institutes.

Ways in which coaching institutes will help you:

  • Provide ample study material which is relevant for the competitive examination
  • Help you decide the sequence in which the syllabus is to be covered
  • Providing a competitive environment
  • Help you regularly assess yourself in the form of weekly/monthly tests
  • Help you to clear your doubts through teachers in the institutes
  • Will help you to study in disciplined manner

Ways in which coaching institutes will NOT help you:

  • They will not help you to read text books. It is you who has to put in the final effort
  • You will have to pay fees for the coaching and deal with daily commuting
  • It’s very easy to join a coaching and then get swayed away by nearby malls and cinema halls
  • If you decide to join a coaching in some other city, then you will be paying hostel expenses and you will have to completely rely on yourself for everything, including food and washing clothes.

Everything has its pros and cons. So is the case here.

A coaching class has hundreds of students. Some have thousands. All of them are taught more or less by the same teachers in the same classroom with the same study material. But only few of them are able to get through the exams. Why?

Because in the end, it’s your own hard work, patience, dedication, motivation, concentration and perseverance that matters. YOU will appear for the exam! The teacher teaching you will NOT write JEE for you! YOU will have to study and practice yourself. YOU will have to read books yourself.

The most dependent and the most reliable source of help is no one, but YOU only.

All the best!

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