25 Dec

Prepare a competitive study group

Your best source of cooperation is your competition. Working with a competitive study group goes a very long way in the successful preparation of IITJEE. When you decide to study in groups, you recreate a cooperative environment to multiply your knowledge exponentially. Students can learn very quickly by sharing their knowledge, skills and resources.

Group formation guidelines

  • Look for people who are experts in certain subjects and topics.
  • Seek diversity in expertise. There should be at least one expert from each subject. Within a subject, look for experts in different areas like organic chemistry, physical chemistry, calculus, co-ordinate, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics etc.
  • This could lead to having a group that is very diverse. It is good because you may also have different learning styles represented in your group.
  • It may not be possible to find all experts from the friend circle itself.  So, it is important to seek out experts from other areas.
  • Make a study group of five to seven people (Larger groups get unwieldy. Groups with less than 5 are difficult to sustain)

How to study in groups?

  • Ask your friends for clarifications of doubts.
  • Quiz and challenge each other with questions from the IITJEE syllabus.
  • Share useful concepts and questions
  • Be very eager to help. Answer and teach whenever somebody has a problem.
  • If you have to teach a concept, you have to have complete clarity and understanding of the concept. So you are not only helping the other group members, but also you are reinforcing your own knowledge.
  • Someone should take the role of the session leader to keep the session productive.
  • Take a few minutes at the end of the session to evaluate what you’ve done.
  • Don’t meet more than once in two weeks
  • Meet at least once a month
  • Don’t meet without a clear agenda for the meeting


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