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Self Assessment: Assess and mark yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 on your level of preparedness for each topic, where 5 is very good and 1 is very bad

Very GoodGoodOkBadVery Bad

You should give yourself a score of 5 when you are among the top 5% in your peer group.

You should give yourself a score of 1 when you are among the bottom 50% in your peer group.

S. No.ChemistryRateMathematicsRatePhysicsRate
1Basic concepts of chemistryComplex numbersUnits, dimensions, vectors and calculus
2Structure of atomQuadratic equationsKinematics
3Periodic propertiesLogarithmsLaws of motion
4Gas lawsProgressionsWork, Power and Energy
5Chemical bondingPermutations and combinationsCenter of mass, linear momentum, collision
6Chemical energeticsTrigonometryRotational dynamics
7Chemical equilibriumStraight linesElasticity, fluid dynamics and properties of matter
8Ionic equilibriumCirclesGravitation
9Redox reactionsConic sectionsSimple Harmonic Motion
10General organic chemistryBinomial theoremWave motion
11HydrocarbonsFunctions, Limits and ContinuityHeat and Thermodynamics
12Alcohols and ethersDifferentiability and differentiationElectrostatics
13Alkyl and aryl halidesApplication of derivativesElectric current and resistance
14SolutionsIndefinite integrationMagnetism
15Solid stateDefinite integrationElectromagnetic Induction and AC
16Chemical kineticsArea under the curveGeometrical Optics
17ElectrochemistryDifferential equationsWave Optics
18Nuclear chemistryDeterminantsModern Physics
19Functional groups containing nitrogenMatrices
20Aldehydes and ketonesProbability
21Carboxylic acids and their derivativesVectors
22s-Block elementsThree dimensional geometry
23p-Block elements
24d-Block elements
26Qualitative salt analysis
27Coordination compounds

In order to get a good rank in IITJEE, you should target a score of 5 in every topic.

You may notice that the topics where you have scored 3 or less are the ones where you have not completed the activities as per the plan.

Prepare a new plan to study the topics, where you have scored 3 or less. Identify sub-topics, concepts which are causing problems.


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